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Rokbak articulated haulers are built to perform, easy to operate, and offer unmatched reliability.

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RA30 Articulated Hauler

The RA30 articulated hauler is made for the toughest jobs and roughest sites – from quarries to infrastructure developments to commercial construction projects. With true independent front suspension as standard, it offers more control and comfort for your operators. Driving up productivity, no matter how tough the conditions.

RA40 Articulated Hauler

The RA40 is a heavy-duty articulated hauler that makes light work of large scale quarry, mine, and construction jobs. High capacity and high performance – you can trust the RA40 to deliver maximum productivity in the toughest conditions.

What is an Articulated Hauler and What is it Used For?

An articulated hauler, also known as an articulated dump truck (ADT), is a specialized off-road vehicle designed for hauling and transporting heavy loads over rough terrain. It consists of a tractor unit (the front part) and a trailer unit (the rear part) connected by an articulated joint, which allows the vehicle to bend in the middle. This articulation gives it enhanced maneuverability, particularly useful on uneven, soft, or slippery surfaces such as construction sites, quarries, mines, and forestry operations.

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Rokbak, a division of the Volvo Group, offers two of the largest and most powerful articulated dump trucks in the industry: the RA30 and RA40. Renowned for their robust construction, minimal maintenance requirements, ease of operation, and reliability, these models feature the innovative Haul Track telematics system, along with cutting-edge electronic control systems.

The Haul Track telematics system aids customers in managing operations and identifying potential issues that could lead to unplanned downtime. Utilizing advanced GPS technology, Haul Track’s data-driven system precisely tracks your hauler’s location, monitors its activities, and provides live updates directly to your internet-enabled device.

This allows you to see and evaluate

  • Machine hours worked
  • Engine speed and idle time
  • Advanced monitoring of machine systems, temperatures, and pressures
  • Fuel consumed
  • System fault code alerts
  • Machine location
  • Productivity
  • Payload (with optional Rokbak weigh load system)