The RA30 articulated hauler is an exceptional machine that is specifically built to tackle the most challenging jobs and operate in the harshest environments. It is a versatile and reliable vehicle that is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including quarry operations, infrastructure developments, and commercial construction projects.


The Rokbak RA30 sets itself apart in the heavy equipment sector, particularly among dumper haulers, articulated haulers, and dump trucks, with its standard true independent front suspension. This cutting-edge suspension system delivers unparalleled benefits to operators. It allows for the independent movement of each wheel, providing unmatched control and maneuverability across challenging terrains. The ability to effortlessly navigate tight spaces, overcome obstacles, and move smoothly over uneven ground significantly boosts operator productivity and efficiency. The Rokbak RA30’s innovative design ensures it excels in demanding environments, underscoring its value as a smart choice for any project.


The true independent front suspension of the Rokbak RA30 not only improves control but significantly enhances operator comfort as well. This advanced suspension system excels in absorbing shocks and vibrations, reducing operator fatigue and ensuring a smoother ride. This feature is particularly beneficial during extended working hours, helping to preserve the well-being and concentration of operators. By diminishing physical strain and fostering a more comfortable work environment, the Rokbak RA30, a standout among dumper haulers, articulated haulers, and dump trucks in the heavy equipment sector, boosts operator productivity and performance. This leads to superior outcomes and results, underlining the RA30’s contribution to operational efficiency and success.


Engineered for resilience, the Rokbak RA30 stands out as the premier choice for demanding job sites within the heavy equipment sector, including dumper haulers, articulated haulers, and dump trucks. Its robust construction, reinforced frame, and potent engine equip it to transport heavy loads, navigate steep gradients, and conquer rough terrain effortlessly. The exceptional durability and superior performance of the Rokbak RA30 ensure it thrives in challenging environments, offering reliable and consistent outcomes even under the harshest conditions. This makes the Rokbak RA30 an indispensable asset for projects requiring the utmost in resilience and efficiency.

The Rokbak RA30 articulated hauler is a standout in the heavy equipment field, merging unparalleled operator comfort, efficient power distribution, and a high capacity for moving materials. This dumper hauler is renowned for its fuel efficiency, innovative independent front suspension, versatile engine options, and a highly efficient transmission system. These features, combined with its overall value for money, position the RA30 as a superior choice for diverse working applications. The Rokbak RA30 ensures peak performance, enhanced productivity, and ultimate operator satisfaction, making it an excellent investment in the articulated hauler and dump truck categories.


The RA30 Rokbak articulated hauler combines operator comfort, efficient power distribution, high material-moving capacity, fuel efficiency, independent front suspension, engine options, a highly efficient transmission, and overall value for money. These features make the RA30 an exceptional choice for a wide range of working applications, ensuring optimal performance, productivity, and operator satisfaction.

The RA30 articulated hauler boasts an array of impressive features that make it an outstanding choice for a wide range of working applications. Let’s dive into each of these features in more detail:

The Rokbak RA30, a leading model in the heavy equipment sector, specifically within the dumper hauler and articulated hauler categories, offers an ergonomically designed cabin for unparalleled operator comfort. Crafted with the operator's well-being in mind, its interior maximizes comfort and ergonomics, minimizing fatigue and boosting productivity through long hours of operation. The RA30 features controls that are intuitively arranged for effortless access and operation, providing a superior working experience. This focus on ergonomic design underscores the RA30's commitment to enhancing operator satisfaction and efficiency, making it a top choice in the dump truck and heavy machinery market.

The Rokbak RA30, a premier choice in the heavy equipment sector and a standout among articulated haulers and dumper haulers, boasts a powertrain that's precisely calibrated for an optimal balance of power and gearing. This meticulous calibration ensures the RA30 delivers a highly effective and productive drive, making it perfect for a wide range of working applications. With its powertrain designed to provide the necessary torque and traction, the RA30 easily manages heavy loads and navigates challenging terrains, underscoring its versatility and efficiency as a leading dump truck option.

Capable of swiftly and efficiently moving large volumes of materials, the Rokbak RA30 exemplifies the pinnacle of performance in the dumper hauler, articulated hauler, and dump truck segments within the heavy equipment industry. Its robust construction and potent performance characteristics allow it to excel in hauling earth, aggregates, and other materials, even under demanding conditions. The RA30 is specifically designed to boost productivity and reduce cycle times, ensuring it meets the needs of a broad spectrum of applications.

Discover the power of efficiency with the Rokbak RA30's lean burning engine—a marvel in the heavy equipment sector, particularly among dumper haulers, articulated haulers, and dump trucks. This advanced engine technology ensures the RA30 operates with remarkable fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. Experience the dual benefits of significant cost savings and a lesser environmental footprint, as this cutting-edge machine delivers more work on less fuel. The Rokbak RA30 sets a new standard for efficiency and performance, making it a smart choice for any project demanding high efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The Rokbak RA30 excels in the swift and efficient transportation of substantial material volumes, setting a benchmark in the realms of dumper haulers, articulated haulers, and dump trucks within the heavy equipment industry. Engineered for robustness and superior performance, this machine adeptly handles large quantities of earth, aggregates, and various other materials. Its design is tailored to endure demanding workloads, significantly enhancing productivity while concurrently diminishing cycle times. The Rokbak RA30 is the epitome of efficiency and capability, ensuring top-tier performance across a multitude of job sites.

The RA30 provides a range of engine options, each designed to meet diverse emissions standards, including EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, and Tier 2. This flexibility ensures that customers can select an engine that not only aligns with their specific operational requirements but also adheres to their local environmental regulations. Whether opting for the advanced EPA Tier 4 Final, the rigorous EU Stage V, or the versatile Tier 2 compliant engines, the RA30 allows for tailored compliance and performance.

The Rokbak RA30 sets the standard in the heavy equipment industry, particularly among dumper haulers and articulated haulers, with its 8-speed highly efficient transmission. This advanced transmission system is engineered for peak efficiency, ensuring seamless gear transitions that optimize the balance between power and speed. As a result, the RA30 not only maximizes productivity but also enhances fuel efficiency, making it a standout choice for those in need of a high-performance dump truck. This blend of power, efficiency, and smooth operation underscores the Rokbak RA30's leadership in heavy machinery innovation.

Considering an investment in heavy equipment? The Rokbak RA30 articulated hauler represents a wise choice for a multitude of working applications, from quarry operations and infrastructure developments to commercial construction projects. Boasting durable construction, advanced features, and exceptional performance, the RA30 offers a remarkable return on investment. Its reliability, productivity, and versatility make it an indispensable asset in any project, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across the board. Whether you're looking to rent or purchase an articulated hauler, the Rokbak RA30 is a smart investment that meets the diverse needs of modern construction, mining, and development projects.