ROKBAK RA40 DUMP TRUCK – 2023 – B1091

The RA40 articulated hauler stands as the pinnacle of efficiency and performance for large-scale operations in quarries, mines, and construction sites. With its superior capacity and unmatched performance, this hauler guarantees peak productivity, even under the most challenging conditions. Trust in the RA40 to elevate your project outcomes with reliability and strength.

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The RA40: Efficiency Meets Innovation in Heavy-Duty Hauling

At the heart of the RA40 lies a high-performance drivetrain designed for responsive, powerful delivery and enhanced fuel efficiency through adaptive 6-speed shifting. This state-of-the-art system ensures optimal performance while minimizing operational costs. To guarantee mastery over steep inclines, the RA40 incorporates a sophisticated braking system, combining a modulating transmission retarder, an efficient exhaust brake, and fully enclosed oil-cooled multidisc brakes for unparalleled control.

Fuel consumption is further reduced thanks to smooth and efficient gear shifting, ensuring that the RA40 not only saves on costs but also enhances operator comfort, even in the most demanding environments. Maintenance is streamlined with ground-level test points, a fully tilting cab, and an electronically raised hood, facilitating quick and effortless service.

Elevating operational efficiency, the bespoke Haul Track system provides immediate insights into your hauler’s performance history. This feature enables enhanced maintenance planning, thereby optimizing the performance and longevity of your Rokbak hauler. Additionally, our innovative load-sense hydraulic system conserves energy and further improves fuel efficiency while the hauler is in motion, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising on power or productivity.

The RA40 is not just a piece of machinery; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to elevate the efficiency and productivity of your large-scale operations.



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